This is the guide and rules to this wiki.

  • To join one of the clans, go to the clan you want to join and on the talk page ask if you want to join. The clan leaders will let you join. Here are the clans: ForestClan, ValleyClan, StreamClan, BlizzardClan, and MountainClan.
  • You may role-play as many cats as you like as long as they are active. If they are inactive for three weeks, I will put them in the Adoption page where someone will adopt them.
  • Before you can role-play, create a page for them. On it, say their names, clans, description, personality, history, age, family if they have one, and mentors and apprentices if they have them. For an example, go here.
  • On this site, a moon is a week because if it was actually a month, things would move much too slowly.
  • A kit becomes an apprentice at 6 moons.
  • An apprentice becomes a warrior at 12 moons.
  • A warrior becomes an elder at 60 moons.
  • Deputies or leaders can't become elders.
  • An elder dies of old age at 84 moons.
  • When the deputy dies or becomes leader, the most senior warrior will become deputy. Seniority is based on age.
  • You can join the clan as a rogue or loner at any age.
  • The most senior warriors will get apprentices.
  • A cat can die in battle, but only if you want him or her to.
  • If you want to be mates with someone, discuss it, then talk to the clan leader about it.
  • To role-play, go to a page you want to role-play in, then do this:

Goldenstar: Want to go hunting?

Skystar: *Nods head.* Yes.

  • That was an example.
  • Don't role-play on talk pages.
  • You can do anything with your cat. If you want to, you can attack your clan-mate, betray your clan, etc. The role-playing cat will be punished and maybe banned, but the user playing the cat will not be in any trouble. In real warriors, cats betray the clan and the author that has that idea doesn't get banned from writing warriors. This is the same thing. Just don't yell at another user. You will be banned from this wiki if you do that.
  • If your role-played cat is banned, he or she will live a life as a rogue somewhere. He or she may join another clan as long as the leader excpets him or her.