Shadowheart is a black tom with blue eyes.

He is a warrior of StreamClan.


Shadowheart, was born a mystery. He was left in a tree hollow, without a mother or father or even siblings. Shadowheart was close to death, to weak to mew. When he got better under Waterpetal's paws, he began to play in the nursery with Willowkit, and he loved her like the sister he never knew if he had. They began training together, and they took many walks hunting or patroling borders. Even with the pestering of both side's friends, they still were only friends.

When their mother and father died, they became even closer.

At last, they became Willowsong and Shadowheart.


At 24 Moons old, he is more reserved then Willowsong, but likes a few laughs, and his heart is in the right place.


  • Willowsong and Shadowheart are brother and sister, but they won't know until they join StarClan
  • This means they will never be mates.