Spottedpath is the medicine cat of StreamClan. She is a gray and white she-cat with blue eyes, and some heart shaped fur above her right eye.


Spottedpath was born to Willowheart (mother) and Fireblaze (father.) A lone kit, she had no more denmates or siblings until she was four moons old, and Leafkit was born. Leafkit was her best friend, even if they didn't share the same dreams on what they wanted to be. Spottedkit wanted nothing more than to be the clan's medicine cat. Leafkit wanted to be the best She-cat warrior ever known.

When Spottedkit's six moons came, she said goodbye to Leafkit and became what she always wanted to be – a medicine cat. Leafkit soon followed her and became an apprentices four moons later. Her mentor, Silverwing quotes that she was the best medicine cat she knew. Spottedpaw got her full name quickly.

Yet then disaster struck. Right before Spottedpaw was due for her name, a clan attacked. Leafpaw died in the battle, protecting the clan leader. The whole clan honored her.

Silverwing took Spottedpaw to get her full name and title the following day. Now christened Spottedpath, she took on full duties as Silverwing aged and made her nest in the elders den. Silverwing joined StarClan soon after.

Spottedpath then gained an apprentice, Twigpaw. The brown nad white tom was very serious and never joked about medicine cat business, yet he had a heart full of love. This lead to his full name Twigheart.

A change of leader shook the clan. No one really liked the change, yet they lived with it. He always screeched and yowled at Spottedpath for not collecting herbs, even if it was in the middle of Leaf-bare. This finally lead to her being kicked out of the clan.

Furious and homesick, she remembered tales of the old clans and set out to find them. This is where she found StreamClan.


Even at the age of 42 moons, she still has spunk and would love to take on another apprentice. She never seems to tire. Spottedpath is bubbly and fun.