Willowsong is a brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes.

She is the deputy of StreamClan.


Born to Darkflame (mother) and Greenleaf (father) she had another sibling, yet he mysteriously dissappeared overnight, before hardly any cat saw him. Many thought a fox or badger had gotten them, and both parents grieved. Then a newcomer came to the den, a lively black tom, Shadowkit, and she loved him like a brother. They began to train together, and even from both sides, there was teasing about mates.

When both their mother and father died, they stuck close together.

They both promised to stay as friends, however, they are still close and have not gotten any mates.


At 24 moons, she is young and often seems annoying when she is really enjoying herself. Shadowheart tolerates her, but they have friendly squabbles most of the time.


  • Willowsong and Shadowheart are brother and sister, but they won't know until they join StarClan
  • This means they will never be mates.